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Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Brush Roll - Generic

Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Brush Roll - Generic
    Part: BR-2014


    Bissell vacuum cleaner brush roll measures 14 and a half inches long. Brush Roll fits Clearview Bagless 3591, Prolite 3592-2, Cleanview Revolution Plus models 35951 and 35954, Cleanview Revolution Turbo model 35956 and all Powertrak models. Generic version of Bissell vacuum part 203-2013.

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    Bissell Vacuum Style 7, 9, 10 & 12 Belt Bissell Vacuum Style 7, 9, 10 & 12 Belt
    Bissell vacuum cleaner Style 7, 9, 10 7 12 belt fits all Bissell PowerGlide and CleanView models. Also fits Bissell Cleanview/Power Trak And Revolution 3591, 3593, 3594, 3595, 3596, 6590, 6591 Series. Bissell Cleanview II 3574 and 3576 Series. Bissell Cleanview 3575, 3590, 8975 and 8990 Series. Bissell Powerforce And Powerforce Bagless 3522, 6594 and 6579 Series. Bissell Powerglide/Powertrak 3545 and 6592 Series. Bissell Rubbermaid Commercial Upright 9V03. Bissell Maxi-Glide Upright 9V00. Generic single belt.
    Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Style 7 & 9 HEPA Micro Lined Filter Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Style 7 & 9 HEPA Micro Lined Filter
    Bissell Style 7 and 9 HEPA vacuum cleaner micro lined filter fits all Cleanview models, all Cleanview Power Trak models, all Power Trak models, all PowerGlide models and all PowerForce models, except Powerforce Bagless series models: 6594, 6594-W, 6579, and 6596. HEPA media filter captures over 99.9% of dust mites, pollens, and ragweed. Measures 2 1/2 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick and 7 inches long. Bissell micro lined filter made by DVC. DVC part is 470821.
    Eureka Victory / Lite Speed Vacuum Brush Roll Eureka Victory / Lite Speed Vacuum Brush Roll
    Vacuum Cleaner Brush Roll fits Victory models 4440A, 4440ATV, 4441A, 4441ATM, 4441ATV, 4460A, 4460BT, 4464AT, 4464, 4469, 4476, 4480, 4481, 4483, 4485, 4488, 4489, 4660, 4674, 4684, 4686 and 4689. Also fits upright model 5180, 5181AT using paper bags and model 5190AT with dirt cup. And models in the 5190 Series. Also fits all LiteSpeed vacuum models. Brush roll is about 14 1/2 inches wide. Replacement for parts 613082 and 54647. Generic Eureka vacuum part.
    Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner Brush Roll Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner Brush Roll
    Hoover vacuum cleaner agitator brush roll fits Hoover Elite Models U4471, U44719, U4471-960, U4483, U4649-910, U4697-910, U4713-910U. Legacy models 4569-910 and U4581-910. Dimension models U5215-930, U5221-930, U5223-930 and U5227-930. Fits all Futura upright models and models S3607, C1415, U4059, U4459, U4459-940, U4461-9, U4463-9, U4486, U4533-9, U4599-900, U4601-900, U4617-910, U4701-970 and U4709-910. Brushroll is 13 inches long. Generic part replaces parts 48414036, 48414035, 48414081 and 48414079.
    Eureka Victory Whirlwind Vacuum Brush Roll - Generic Eureka Victory Whirlwind Vacuum Brush Roll - Generic
    Eureka vacuum cleaner brush roll fits models beginning with 47** and models 4335A, 4335AM, 4335B, 4335BM, 4335D, 4335D-2, 4335DX, 4335E, 4335E-1, 4335E-2, 4335F, 4335F-1, 4335F-2, 4340A, 4340B,4340D, 4340D-1, 4340E, 4320A, 4320AX, 4321A, 4321AX, 4325A, 4325A-1, 4325A-2, 4325AX, 4332A, 4332B, 4332B-1, 4332B-2, 4332BX, 4350A, 4350B, 4352A, 4352B, 4352D, 4352D-1, 4352D-2, 4352E, 4354A, 4372A, 4326A, 4326A-1, 4326AX, 4334A, 4336AH, 4336BH, 4337AH, 4337BH, 4341A, 4341AV, 4374A, 4374A-2, 4377AV, 4387A, 4387AV-1, 4351A, 4351B, 4351BX, 4351BZ, 4351D, 4351D-1, 4351D-2, 4376A, 4376A-2, 4331AA, 4331AA-1, 4331AA-2, 4331AA-3. Whirlwind models 4381A-1, 4381A-3, 4383A, 4386A, 4386A-1, 4388A, 4388B, 4388B-1, 4388B-2, 4388B-3, 4640A, 4640AV-1, 4641AVC, 4654A, 4654B, 4654B-1, 4327A, 4380A, 4380A-2, 4380A-3, 4380AF, 4380AF-1, 4380AV, 4384A and 4384A-1. Fits Kenmore Contour upright models SE2901AVF and SE290AVF. 12 inches long with octagonal ends. Also known as parts 60251-3 and 54941-1. Color of bristles and wood may vary. Brush roll is 12 1/2 inches wide. Generic Eureka vacuum cleaner part.

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