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Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Wheel Carriage

Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Wheel Carriage
    Part: 72521-119N


    Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Wheel Carriage. Fits Eureka upright vacuum cleaner models 2961 and 2961AVZ. Genuine Eureka vacuum cleaner part.

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    Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Wheel Retainer Spring. Fits Eureka Victory WhirlWind, Air Speed and models 2961. 2961AVZ, R2900A, R2901A, 4872AT, 4872BT, 4874AT, 4874B, 4875A, 4880A, 4880BT, 4880D, 4885AT, 4885BT, 5180AT, 5181AT, 5184AT, 5185AT, 5187AT, 5188AT, 5190AT, 5190ATSA, 5191AT, 5192AT, 5193AT, 5194ATS, 5195AT, 5196AT, 5197AT, 5197B, 5550A, 5740A, 5810A, 5811A, 5812A, 5813AV, 5815AV, 5840A, 5840AV, 5841A, 5841AS, 5841AV, 5841BV, 5842AV, 5843AV, 5843AZ, 5844AV, 5844AZ, 5845A, 5846AH, 5847AV, 5847AVX, 5847AZ, 5847BV, 5848AV, 5848AVZ, 5850AZ, 5851AN, 5851AV, 5855AN, 5855AZ, 5855BZ, 5856AV, 5856BV, 5856BVZ, 5856DVZ, 5856DVZE, 5857AZ, 5859ASZ, 5860AVH-1, 5860AVZ, 5860BVZ, 5863AVS, 5892AZ, 4386AT, 4387AT, 4388AT, 4388BH, 4388BT, 4390A, 4393A, 4393B, 4440AT, 4440ATV, 4441AT, 4441ATM, 4441ATV, 4441BTM, 4455AT, 4458A, 4459AS, 4460AT, 4460BT, 4460BTC-2, 4460DT, 4460DTM, 4460ET, 4461AT, 4462AT, 4462BT, 4462DT, 4463AV, 4464AT, 4465AT, 4465ATM, 4465BT, 4465BTM, 4465DT, 4465DTX, 4465DTZ, 4466AT, 4466DT, 4466DTV, 4467AV, 4468A, 4469AT, 4469BT, 4470AT, 4470ATV, 4471AT, 4471ATH, 4471ATV, 4472AT, 4472BT, 4473AT, 4475AT, 4476AT Upright Vacuum, 4476BT, 4478AT, 4479AT, 4480AT, 4480ATF, 4480BT, 4481AT, 4481ATF, 4481BT, 4482AT, 4482BT-1, 4483AT, 4483ATS, 4484AT, 4484BT, 4485AT, 4485BT, 4488AT, 4489AT, 4495A-1, 4496AV, 4497AH, 4498AS, 4499A, and 4499B. 10 genuine Eureka vacuum cleaner springs.

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